Jerusalem Walking Tours

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Get to know the diverse and holy city of Jerusalem. Tread on the paths where the ancients walked and see how the three monotheistic religions live together in a colorful tapestry.
Debra’s passion as a dedicated kosher foodie will lead you through our beloved Machane Yehuda Market also known as the shuk. Experience the sounds, sights, smells and of course tastes  of the shuk and see the history become alive.

Half day or full day-Old City of Jerusalem

All four quarters of the Old City, So. Wall Excavations, Herodian Museum, Exciting Overlooks, City of David, Western Wall (Kotel), Muslim, Christian and Armenian Quarters.

Half day or full day-The First Jewish Neighborhoods Outside the Old City Walls

Can include-Mishkenot Shananim, Machne Israel, Nachalat Shiva,etc.

Two hours-Nachlaot Walking Tour

Experience a unique Jewish Jerusalem Neighborhood.

iraqi upside down chickenTwo hours-Shuk Machane Yehuda

A complete sensory experience-the sights, sounds and of course, tastes of our beloved market. (Kosher)

Almost Full Day-Nachlaot and Shuk Machane Yehuda Combined Tour

Includes Kosher lunch

Two hours-Rechavia-the Jerusalem Bauhaus Neighborhood

Leafy streets named after Spanish sages and a “secret Tel Aviv”.

Two hours- Jerusalem Secret Gems

Zvil Rebbe’s Grave, Jerusalem Bird Observatory and hike through the forest.

Colorful Courtyards of Jewish Jerusalem

Charming Courtyards of 19th Century Jerusalem outside the Old City Walls

The Shtisel Tour (new)

Come with us as we get an insider’s view of the hit television show Shtisel. See where it was filmed, learn about the culture and customs and taste the food.

Graffiti Tour of the Shutters in Yehuda (new)

We call this the “Jet Lag Tour” as it is perfect at 3:00 in the morning. This is when all the shutters in Machane Yehuda are closed and we can learn the stories, sing the songs and see all the closed shutters. This tour can also be booked for Shabbat.


Thursday Night Cholent and Bakery Tour (New)

Join us for a special Thursday night Cholent and Bakery Tour in Geula and Mea Shearim. We will be able to sample all the yummy cholent hang outs as well as the wonderful bakeries.