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The Flowering of the Gilboa Iris

Right now is the perfect time to see the gorgeous, purple flower, the Gilboa Iris on Mt. Gilboa in Israel. This splendid flower blooms from February to late March and is also known as Iris Haynei or Hayne’s Iris. This is a “protected” flower in that it is there for you to see and photograph, but not to pick for your spring bouquet. The Gilboa Iris is so popular, that it was made the logo for the Society of the Protection of Nature in Israel.

The Gilboa is a mountain range in between the Jezreel Valley and the Jordan Valley to the east. Looking down from the mountain range you can see the Jezreel Valley, also known as “Israel’s breadbasket” and see the fields of wheat, cotton, sunflowers and the Israel’s famous fish ponds.

A visit to this part of Israel is alive with stories from the Bible. We have the story of Saul, the first king of Israel and his troubles with the Philistines. In the Book of Samuel 1 28:4 he consults with his local necromancer, the witch of Ein Dor, ( a kibbutz nearby) to ask for her help. She raises up the soul of the prophet Samuel, but things don’t go well for Saul and he commits suicide on his own sword (Samuel 1 31:4).

Also at the foot of the Gilboa is the spring of Ein Hod. This is where Gideon chose his best men to fight the famous battle against the Midianites. (Judges 7:4-6).

Debra Tours is here to offer you stories from the Bible and flower trippin’Gilboa Iris

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Art and Architecture of the Four Quarters of the Old City

New Walking Tour at Debra Tours-Art and Architecture of the Four Quarters of the Old City. This new 2.5 hours walking tour will highlight art and architecture both ancient and modern in all the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. We will visit the iconic Imperial Hotel, the choice of hotels for General Allenby and Kaiser Wilhelm. We will have a chance to see the beautiful Mamluk architecture of the Muslim quarter and see the houses of those that have been on the Hajj pilgrimage. Learn why certain colors are used in Islamic architecture. Included in the tour is a special rooftop view and a visit to an Armenian Pottery workshop. Our tour starts just outside Jaffa Gate at 9:15 in the morning, September 3. Contact me at to make your reservation or call 052-3782900.hajj house

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New Walking Tour-Colorful Courtyards of Jewish Jerusalem

Debra Tours is offering a new tour called “Colorful Courtyards of Jewish Jerusalem“. A courtyard was a focal point for the neighborhoods built outside the Old City Walls of Jerusalem in the 19th Century. In these courtyards you could hear the daily news, cook your food, and draw your water. We will visit several of the neighborhoods built outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem on this unique walking tour. We will hear the stories of Moshe Montifiore, Joseph Rivlin and others who contributed to these neighborhoods. Our tour will end with a visit to Yad LaKashish, a very special courtyard that provides dignity and work opportunities for our aging population of Jerusalem. The walking tour will be on September 1, 2014 and will start at 9:30 in the morning. It will be about two hours long. The fee is 65 shekels per person. Contact: or call 052-378-2900

Beit David

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At the beach–In Jerusalem!!!

Today, Jerusalem folks don’t need to travel all the way to Tel Aviv to go to the beach. We have the beach right here in the Holy City. So grab your towel and head to the refurbished Old Train Station now known as “The First Station”. It is a hot venue for cool restaurants, music and all kinds of cultural events. All summer long, come and enjoy 2,000 square meters of fun including lots of sand and umbrellas, a wave pool where older kids can learn how to surf, our famous “matkot” game and refreshing drinks and ice cream. Don’t miss out. Debra Tours can offer you a tour to the First Station, the historical site of the Jaffa to Jerusalem Train Station as well as other Jerusalem Walking Tours.

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Jason’s Tomb

You will see this on my Rendezvous in Rehavia Tour

Unique Tours of Israel

In the heart of one of Jerusalem’s most affluent neighborhoods we discover a fully reconstructed Maccabean-era tomb. The tomb even has its own address, 10 Alfasi Street. Who’s buried here and why would they be buried in the middle of a residential neighborhood?

(Photo Credit: Dror Avi/Wikpedia) (Photo Credit: Dror Avi/Wikpedia)

Visitors to Jerusalem’s Old City quickly notice the graveyards that surround it, especially from the East. What most are not aware of is that during the Second Temple period the Old City was surrounded by graves from the west as well. Today, many of Jerusalem’s most upscale neighborhoods were part of an elaborate “City of the Dead” (Necropolis). Our tomb sits at the heart of this ancient city.

After the 1948 war, when Jerusalem was divided into two parts, Israeli Western Jerusalem was built up as a residential area. In 1956, construction was done on Alfassi Street in the Rehavia neighborhood to make…

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