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Just wanted to tell you Thank you!! The girls who went on the tour yesterday REALLY enjoyed it – and you as the tour guide especially! You did a wonderful job! They felt inspired and accomplished. They enjoyed seeing the Rabbi places
Thank you again….
Mrs. S.

We recently spent an amazing day touring Jerusalem with Debra leading our intimate group. She was very knowledgeable and inspiring and made our trip a much richer experience ….can’t recommend her strongly enough!….thanks for sharing your passion and insights with us Debra…much success!
Ben G.

I love my tours with Debra. Why? Simple. She knows her stuff! From planning the trip with all the arrangements of people, times, driver, vehicle, etc. to knowing what we are looking at along the way to our destination….the Jewish history of the land of Israel and the Tanach. Plus when we get to where we are going she has the most unique way of getting us to look thru the lens of time to view the site from a circular timeline. All inclusive. Her short trips around Jerusalem are so charming and very informative. I’ve lived her for 21 years and enjoy her local walks thru Nachlaot (the history is so rich) and the Jewish shuk with emphasis on food, Kashrut and the colorful history!
Michaela L.

I took Debra’s Shavuos in the Shuk tour last week and really enjoyed it! The history of the shuk was fascinating! Our group was diverse (all ages and from all over) and the shuk isn’t the easiest place to make yourself heard, but Debra did a fantastic job keeping the group engaged and together. She took us to a variety of vendors and gave us just enough time (not too much, not too little) to pick up a little something if we wanted to. I would definitely recommend this tour to both tourists and those living in Israel (like me!) who want to see the shuk in a whole different way. Thanks, Debra!
Ariella D.

debra is by far the best tour guide around! She is fully knowledgeable and has incredible enthusiasm and love for sharing Israel with her guests… I would go on any tour that she offers with knowing I will have a fabulous experience!
Atara R.

Hi Debra :
Shopping for food is what people do all over the world for sustenance. Shopping in Israel for food, especially for Shabbat, is also sustenance for the soul. Your admiration for the righteous vendors was inspiring. 
Thank you so very much, Debra, for a most enlightening and fact-packed tour last Friday morning. . . .
We absolutely loved learning some surprising details for the first time (and also “refreshing” the ones we had forgotten!) about the neighborhoods we visited as part of your “19th-Century Jerusalem: The Race for the Holy Land” tour.
You are a conscientious and highly professional guide who is clearly passionate about her subject matter, and your enthusiasm is mamash contagious . . . we loved every moment of your well-planned and most enjoyable tour, and we look forward to joining you on many others, אי״ה. . . .
Vivi & Marc
Thank you so much for your amazing tour!! It really was beyond our expectations. You were interesting, informative and your enthusiasm was contagious. I’m being completely truthful when I say that we can’t wait to I”YH come back to Israel and tour with you again.
Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures and enhancing our visit to Israel.
I cannot describe my impression of Israel other than to say it is simply awe inspiring. Thank you to every person I had the pleasure of meeting in Israel—especially to my amazing tour guide Debra Nussbaum Stepen who made me realize how hard working a good tour guide really is! A good tour guide in Israel is truly worth her cost in touring, seeing how physically active she has to be, knowledgeable of countless details and facts, the time she spends answering people’s questions, being sensitive to particular needs of individuals in the group, walking for countless hours in the heat or the cold and lastly putting her heart into her work. Thank you Debra, and to every amazing tour guide who leaves us with a lasting and memorable impression of our great, holy land! Thank you also to every person in this group who has contributed to comments and posts with great advice and suggestions! Toda Raba!! Blessings to all
I want to shout out to Debra Nussbaum Stepen. We toured with Debra for 3 days. Our first day was a walking tour of the Old City in Jerusalem, the 2nd day was Masada and the Dead Sea and of course a camel ride, the 3rd day was Yad Vashem and a walking tour of the Mahane Yehuda Market. We were 9 people. Family and friends who came to Israel for my daughters wedding. We were an eclectic group of all ages ranging from 23 – 73. Not only is Debra Nussbaum Stepen extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic tour guide but she took care of us like we were her family! She is energetic and passionate and at the same time she had a calming effect when personalities within our group clashed a little. She knew how to cater to each individual personality and she made it work for all of us!! I HIGHLY recommend her!!
Sheryl Schwartz Peters

Thank you so much for the photos and our whole day. We all had a wonderful time. You were interesting, informative and engaging and we all felt we learned so much about the history of Jerusalem and will book up for another tour next time we’re in town. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to any friends we have traveling to Jerusalem. Emma.


We did a tour of Jerusalem today with Debra Nussbaum Stepen. It was an amazing experience. I explained to her what my kids were like and what they enjoy and she planned a tour for them that they absolutely loved. She spoke to my kids, kept their interest for the entire 7 hours, listened to their questions, and really made them feel like the tour was about their needs, something that was very important to me. She is animated, interesting, and beyond knowledgeable about everything the Old City offers. Highly, highly recommend her!  Renata V.


Debra enhanced our trip to Jerusalem in a way that we could never imagined. Her knowledge and spirituality was exceptional. She was able to read our minds and guide us through an unbelievable journey that is ingrained into our hearts forever. We will return to Jerusalem. Debra, thank you for making our first trip to Israel an amazing experience.  Deb S.